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The Muscadine Grape has 20 pairs of Chromosomes. All bunch grapes, table grapes, and wine grapes have only 19 pairs. The Muscadine has more than 44 times as much Resveratrol (anti-aging) as red wine (vinefera) grapes naturally, and the highest ORAC rating in testing by Brunswick Laboratories.

Muscadine skin/pulp and seeds contain different properties which are fully utilized in our AmazinGrape product:-

  • Muscadine Seeds: Provide fiber, Resveratrol and antioxidants
  • Muscadine Skin/Pulp: Provide Ellagic Acid and many other Phytochemicals

In order for your body to reap the full health benefits of the Muscadine Grape, taking a health supplement that uses the fruit in its entirety is highly recommended.

The AmazinGrape Ultra Premium Muscadine Seed & Skin whole-food supplement is one of the best on the market. Try it today!!

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